Cacahueros (Cacao Workers) is a 2 part sculpture installed outside the entrance at the Cacao Museum in Guayaquil Ecuador. On this project my roles were digital artist and consultant. I based the artwork on photos were taken by Fabian Peñaherrera, and I consulted on the poses the models should take. Then I made the digital (vector) artwork that was used by the machine to cut out the silhouettes.  After a few rounds of revisions the artwork was finally cut.

Fabian Peñaherrera Producciones (Productions) did the production and installation of the sculptures. Below is the artwork, 2 suggested installation diagrams, as well as some photos and video of the installation and production process. The sculptures are around 190cm tall, and are spaced 60cm apart.

City of Guayaquil, Ecuador
Fabian Peñaherrera, Marina Peñaherrera-Dale, Aurelio Peñaherrera, Carlo Peñaherrera
Digital Illustration, Consultation