José Joaquín de Olmedo Installation

This portrait of José Joaquín de Olmedo is printed on glass and is installed outside of  the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil Ecuador. It is supported by a steel structure with lighting inside. The piece including the structure is 6 meters tall and 3.6 meters wide.

My roles were digital artist and consultant on this project. I based the artwork on a very old painting of Olmedo.  The colors, and style were chosen to compliment the modern glass front building. The light colors of digital (vector) artwork were printed onto the back piece of glass, while the dark colors were on the front piece of glass to give a subtle dimension to the work. The artwork is visible both outside and inside the building.

Fabian Peñaherrera Producciones (Productions) did the production and installation of the work. Shown are the artwork, and photos show the production and installation of the work which was completed in June of 2016.

City of Guayaquil, Ecuador
J.J. Olmedo International Airport
Fabian Peñaherrera, Marina Peñaherrera-Dale, Aurelio Peñaherrera
Digital Illustration, Consultation